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Don't say Canada will benefit

11 Dec 2019 | News Roundup

Someone got in trouble for saying Canada will gain from global warming. Specifically former Finance Minister Joe Oliver, now board chair of the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator. (Appointed by the premier, making you wonder what they think “Independent” means.) Hey, it’s not like he’s the first. Still, he should have been ready for the flak. Because official orthodoxy says nothing that comes of warming is good. Why, climate change will raise food prices in Canada by 4% next year. But wouldn’t warmer weather mean a longer growing season, unlike the unseasonal frosts threatening prairie crops this year? Heck no, says CTV. Warming brings snowstorms.

We’re certainly having snowstorms. The United States just set a record for snow cover in early December. Going back to 2003, which is when the NOAA started keeping track, so it may not mean much. Though again if they’d set a record for heat, or lack of snow, going back to 2003 you’d never hear the end of it… until it snowed again. But when it comes to climate change, it’s a one-way ratchet. Everything bad is climate change, and everything climate change is bad.

For instance here’s a prime story about the evil effects of climate change: It’s making horses fat. Why? Well, the story admits that warmer conditions are good for plants. But don’t start thinking it’s beneficial. No. Climate change never is. So warmer conditions mean more hay which means horses eat more which means they become “obese.” Bam. Gotcha.

Or not. The actual story says owners aren’t giving the horses enough exercise away from food, and are feeding them the wrong stuff. Which could make a horse fat on a glacier. But never mind. Climate change is bad. All bad. All the time bad. Totally bad. Now it’s even turned Black Beauty into Bulk Beauty. As for the apparent reality that warmer weather means more abundant crops, shame on you.

2 comments on “Don't say Canada will benefit”

  1. Didn't the VP Communications at the University of Alberta get fired for billboarding a research finding of some UA scientists to the effect that climate change will improve barley yields in Alberta? How crazy is that, for an institution of "higher learning"??

  2. Not only are horses going to get fat on global warming but songbirds are going to shrink...maybe to make room for the fat horses!

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