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The case of expensive gas

20 Nov 2019 | OP ED Watch

The Terrace Standard reports that “B.C. gasoline prices are still higher than other parts of the country, Premier John Horgan says, and he intends to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help find out why.” If Sherlock Holmes were on the case, he might dazzle observers by suggesting that BC has the carbon tax enthusiasts point to as having discouraged carbon emissions and that the only way it can do so, and certainly its key selling point for supporters, is that it makes carbon-based fuels more expensive. Elementary, my dear Horgan.

Actually this analysis might just deepen the mystery. It raises the further perplexing questions: Do carbon tax enthusiasts not want their own measures to do what they’re supposed to? Do they not understand the arguments they themselves put forward?

The whole episode is fundamentally unserious. Except in its consequences.

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