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Climate Emergency Tour: World Food Production Edition

After touring Canadian cities and failing to find the much-hyped climate emergency we thought we'd look and see if it is lurking in other places. Like food production regions, for instance. After all, if climate change is going to affect anything it should affect farming, and if it's as bad as everyone says, that ought to be obvious by now. But courtesy of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization we can scratch that worry off the list. Since 1995, world food production has soared, along with income and a host of other things that normal people think of as good.

From 1995 to 2016 the world's rural population grew very slightly, from 3.2 billion to 3.4 billion. And the area of land harvested also didn't grow much. But agricultural output sure did. Total food production rose by 68 percent. Country after country has been posting record harvests and globally crop production increased by 74 percent and meat production rose 44 percent. Fruit and vegetable production doubled. Real income (gross domestic product per capita) rose by 86 percent. And agricultural productivity, measured as value-added per worker, rose an astounding 117 percent.

All of which is cheering news, since the population of the world only grew by 31 percent, so there's now more food per person around the world. Or so you’d think. The killjoys who signed that "climate emergency" petition beg to differ, which only goes to show what a deranged bunch of anti-humanists they've become.

The giant gains in agricultural output were made possible in part by the abundance of fossil fuels, and any warming that caused was obviously not enough to derail a superb interval of human progress. It’s even probable that increases in atmospheric CO2 have contributed to the greening of marginal farmland as of the planet generally.

We'll have to look elsewhere for the crisis.

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