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Climate Emergency Tour: Sudbury edition

Last week we saw that Edmonton nighttime lows have warmed a bit since the 1800s but the daytime highs haven't. Spare a thought for poor Sudbury, whose nighttime lows just won't ease up. With few exceptions they average in the minus 30s C year after year, except in the early 00's when they soared to a balmy -26 C before trending back down to last year's grim -37C. The daytime highs meanwhile peaked back in 1975 and have flatlined ever since. Still waiting for some of that long-promised climate emergency to show up.

The temperature chart back to 1954 says it all: if you're in Sudbury hoping for warmer weather, you've got a long wait ahead of you.

Nor does the maximum humidex give any indication of a trend:

The number of days with temperatures above 30 C doesn't show much of a trend:

But the number of days below -20 C does seem a bit promising: it reached a minimum in 2006 before drifting up (slowly) ever since.

Like many places, average wind speed is trending down, the opposite of what the climate emergency crowd want us to think:

Same with the maximum wind gust, which peaked in 1964:

As for total precipitation, there's nothing to see here folks:

For our readers in Sudbury, we regret to inform you that the climate emergency seems to have passed you by.

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