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The 2001 "Canada Action Plan" pamphlet

11 Jul 2019 | Science Notes

A number of people have asked for a link to the pamphlet whose predictions are assessed in our first "Crystal Ball Check" video, "The 2001 'Canada Action Plan' Crystal Ball Check". There does not appear to be a copy on the government web site. But here's a scanned version of the document.

3 comments on “The 2001 "Canada Action Plan" pamphlet”

  1. Hi,

    Interesting predictions in this government pamphlet which you have kindly scanned. Any chance you can make a pdf of this set up to nicely print this doc?
    In your very informative and well presented youtube video you stated that this pamphlet was sent to Canadian people. How exactly did this work? Was it mailed to all households?
    I see on the pamphlet the claim that the world is warmer than it has been over the last 1000 years. This is contradicted by Scottish history where around 1200 ad grapes could be grown in places where it is currenlty too cold to grow and evidence of past artic forests where is it now too cold for trees to grow - I expect you know this but it could be a good point to make when discussing this pamphlet.
    New Zealand

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